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  • Please enter the toll amount to be paid and your license plate number. Optionally, you can enter date/time of your journey.
  • After selecting "Make payment" you will be taken to the secure payment gateway to enter your Credit or Debit card details.
  • If you have multiple unpaid journeys, we kindly ask you to pay for them separately.
  • Pay an unpaid toll

  • Enter the amount. Look at the table of toll fares at the right side if unsure.

  • Plate number must be entered to pair the payment with the correct transit (example: 192D123456)

  • Unpaid voucher number printed on the toll receipt (if available).

  • Approximate date/time of the transit.

  • *Please Note : We do not store your credit/debit card details, all transactions are handled by eKashu payment gateway.
  • You can contact our Customer Service on (0)1 6910450 for further information.

Eurolink M3 Toll Charges

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